Back to School Fashion Trends and Tips for 2017

The best bart of your back to school shopping involves buying new clothes for the fall. Very few people are actually excited to be back in school learning; however, the back to school shopping makes it all worth it.


Teens, Middle School, and High School:

The classic skinny jean and leggings are still in but with increasing popularity is the boot cut jean! The bell-bottom type jean is making a comeback especially with detailed patchwork on the sides. The trend will certainly take off and flourish this back to school season.


Plus, the jean jacket is back and is THRIVING! Distressed, light wash, dark wash, patchwork, no patchwork, oversized, fits just right, the options are truly endless and any style can really add extra flavor to your look. If you’re daring, you can rock the denim on denim look.



Anything goes on a college campus but to keep on trend with styles, most of the same guidelines as above apply. In addition to the jean jacket, the biker style leather jacket is back and ready to rock. Throw it on over your favorite tee or use it to add an edge to your floral shift dress.


Having a signature style is an important part of establishing an identity. There’s no better time to reinvent yourself than for the start of the new school season. Olfactory senses are incredible powerful. You want to smell good and you want people to remember that you smell good. kensie Fragrance is the scent to be on the lookout for. With notes of juicy peach and deep cedarwood it is the ideal scent to reinvent your back to school look.

Back to School Accessories for 2017

When it comes to back to school fashion, it’s not just about clothing. Accessories are an important necessity. Everything from the cutest water bottle to smartphone case all help create an overall look. Here are some of the back to school accessories to look for in the fall of 2017.


Tech Central

Having the perfect tote bag is a fall trend must have. Totes are great for carrying small tablet computers and a few notebooks to class while also looking ultra chic. Cute case covers for both smartphones and tablets help curate a specific look. Patterned cases will be all over the school grounds ranging from polka dots to cheetah print. Finding a unique tech case is a great way to add flare into an outfit.


Carrying Cases

Pencil cases and make-up cases are also trending toward funky patterns and fun designs. Even bags with cute sayings on them are totally in right now.


Out with the old and in with the new. Backpacks are moving away from the traditional trends of the ever-classic JanSport bag and are coming in hot with tons of patchwork and tribal print designs. If crafting is your thing, then feel free to take this trend and run WILD with it! The homemade patchwork and handcrafted embroidery are alive and thriving at the moment.


Getting Around the Dress Code

Whether your school operates on a dress code system or uniform code we have a few different ideas for you on how to get around those rules. Having a specific style and personality from your clothes is an important part of being an individual so try out some of these tips on how to spice it up:


-Feel free to change up your normal routine and use colorful clips, bows, headbands, and whatever else you can get your hands on to add some personality into your appearance! Plus, you have all the flexibility to vary your hairstyle instead of just wearing it in a pony or having it down.


-Wearing bright and flashy jewelry may not be appropriate for the specific uniform or dress code; however, throwing on some classy earrings, necklaces, and bracelets add some nice accents to your attire.


-Shoes are a great way to express individuality. If your school has rules about heel height, go around the rule by personalizing with colors, patterns, and the overall shape of the shoe instead.


Lunchtime Trends

It seems that stainless steel, once in the background on health store shelves, is now out front. Stainless steel lunch containers with lids and stainless steel drink bottles are quite the trend for fall 2017. Reduce, reuse, recycle seems to be the in mantra of the season, with disposable plastics and paper falling out of style.


Back to School Scent

Completing the ultimate accessorized look comes with having the perfect fragrance. Whether you’re into fruity, floral, or spicy, we suggest you take a look at kensie Fragrance. It starts with bursts of fruity and juicy and ends with deep cedarwood to keep you smelling good all day.

Business on a Budget: How to Avoid Breaking the Bank on Your Wardrobe


Welcome to the working world and congratulations on becoming an official workingwoman. Whether you’ve just begun your “for credit” summer internship or are actually on payroll in your post-college career, you’ll most likely need to upgrade your wardrobe for your new role. However, this, of course, comes at a cost and what college student or recent post grad has the disposable funds to spend on a new and not-so-fun business wardrobe? The key to not breaking the bank on your business wardrobe is to buy essential pieces that offer versatility.

Stores like Forever 21 and H&M have great fast fashion options for staying on trend but their quality probably won’t hold up for too long. The trick here is to make sure you are getting these pieces at a low cost. Personally, I try to keep my purchases here under $30 because I know that the items are only on trend for that season but may not last too much longer after that time.

Zara and Topshop are good stores to check out, as well, but they can be a little bit pricier than your Forever 21 and H&M. They offer similar style options as the latter stores but are made at a better quality. You can definitely score some great deals here, though, if you’re willing to sort through the sales rack!

Department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Lord and Taylor always have great sales going on with a variety of brands to choose from. What’s nice is that you can try on clothes that are all from different brands, and find which fit, style, and size work best for you. Another benefit is that you can shop around in the juniors’ and the women’s department to find which sizing works best. Plus, the shoe department is probably close by and who doesn’t like shoes?

For a more business-specific look, LOFT is the place to go. LOFT can be on the more expensive side but if you sign up for their emails and watch for sales on the items you want, you can nab some really great deals. I find that I am constantly being hit with emails from them about promotional sales. Plus, a lot of times you can find already marked down items applicable to the sales promotion and receive really great discounts. LOFT is a very versatile store because they have a mix of some casual pieces as well as key pieces to your business appropriate wardrobe.

Banana Republic, the queen of business chic, is very pricey for the 20-something year old but these purchases are investments in your career, or at least that’s what I tell myself. The best time to shop here is around holiday sales. The Memorial Day Weekend sale just happened about a month ago and if you bring your A-game you can score incredible deals. Another great feature about Banana is that their Factory Store is available online and at in-store locations. If possible, definitely check it out to find Banana brand clothes at a hefty discount.

Lastly, don’t skip out on your local TJMaxx and Marshalls because yes, they require a little bit more of searching but you can find great brands at super discounted prices. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t find anything on your first time around because due to their massive amount of merchandise they can be pretty hit or miss. However, the feeling of success when you know you just bought a Calvin Klein sweater for 50% of the retail price is an amazing rush.

Shopping at these stores is a good base point to begin the process of dressing up your wardrobe. This is definitely not a complete list but from here it is easy to start to develop your own work style and find what feels right for you. If you’re online shopping, always make sure to search and see if there are any free shipping or 20% off discount codes you can find. Most of the time, the codes are expired or invalid but every once in a while you find one that sticks! Lastly, always ask if there is a student discount. You’d be surprised how many retailers take pity on college students and offer a 10% (or more!) discount.

Good luck kensie girls and happy shopping!

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