First Date Success: It’s All In The Preparation

Dating can be stressful but first dates can be particularly painful and nerve wrecking. Follow these simple tips to getting ready for a date and before you know it, you’ll be breezing through first dates with your only concern being what to wear on the second date!

1. Don’t stress!

First of all, try not to stress yourself out. Tell yourself, it’s only a date and if it doesn’t work out, so what?

2. Easy on the wedding plans

You may laugh but don’t start planning your wedding! We’ve all been there; dreaming that this could be the one, that you’ll fall in love after a whirlwind romance and get married. Obviously, it’s good to be positive but just take each day as it comes in the early stages otherwise you could be heading for disappointment.

3. Listen to music

Listen to some music whilst you’re getting ready; whatever gets you in the mood for a night out and relaxes you.

4. Soak in a bath

If you have time, take a long soak in the bath with a small glass of wine to relax you. I emphasize the word “small”; you don’t want to turn up drunk or smelling of alcohol.

5. Subtle make-up

Girls, try to keep your make-up subtle. The majority of men don’t like to see make-up caked on and if you do happen to snuggle up to your date, he won’t be too impressed if you leave make-up on his collar. As a basic rule, if you’re going for smoky eyes, keep your lips natural with a lick of gloss and if you’re opting for the red lip pout then keep your eyes natural.

6. Hair to go

You don’t want a high maintenance hair style that has you constantly fixing and adjusting it every two minutes. Stick to what you know suits you and what you feel comfortable with. Also, easy on the hair products in case your date decides to run his fingers through your hair and gets them stuck!

7. What to wear?

Don’t wear anything too revealing on a first date as it could give out the wrong impression. Remember you can still look sexy without revealing all your goods; less is more!

Decide what you’re going to wear in advance so you’re not in a last minute panic with a bedroom floor covered in reject outfits. The main thing is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing so you look relaxed; fidgeting with straps and pulling down your hemline every few minutes doesn’t look good.

Your choice of outfit will obviously depend on where you are going; if it’s a nice restaurant then you can glam it up but if it’s a lunchtime date try to dress it down accordingly.

8. Killer heels or comfy flats?

As for shoes, heels look great but only if you can walk in them so only wear shoes that you are comfortable in. Also, don’t wear new shoes in case you get blisters on the night. Again, your choice of shoes will depend on where you are going so dress for the venue.

9. Fresh breath

Don’t forget to clean your teeth and rinse with a mouthwash. It may sound obvious but so many people forget. It’s not a bad idea to keep a packet of mints or chewing gum in your bag in case you need to freshen up later.

10. Aroma, aroma!

Once you’re ready, don’t forget to squirt a bit of your favourite perfume behind the ears and on your wrist (these are the strongest pulse points). Don’t go overboard, the key is to have an aroma about you, not to overpower him with your scent. We recommend the kensie Fragrance eau de parfum, of course!

11. Arrange transport

Book a taxi or arrange for someone to give you a lift so you get to your meeting place in plenty of time. I wouldn’t advise accepting any offers to pick you up or take you home until you’ve got to know him.

12. Keep the conversation flowing

Give some thought to what you’re going to talk about. Obviously, you can’t plan it word for word but think about things you want to find out about him and questions you could ask to keep the conversation flowing. If you know a good joke, it’s always good to throw that in at some point in the evening to lighten the mood.

13. A kiss goodnight – no more!

Don’t feel pressured into going back to his place or inviting him into yours! Sometimes it’s best to end the evening with a goodnight kiss so you both leave each other wanting more and more importantly eager to arrange that second date.

14. Watch your drink

Don’t drink excessively! It’s easy to drink faster and more than you would normally because of your nerves but try and pace yourself and if you do feel yourself getting more than tipsy, drink some water.

15. Tell a friend

Tell a friend or family member where you’re going and who with and let them know when you’ve arrived home safe.

16. Have fun

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have fun!



Breaking Through Your Limits



Limits. Often unchallenged and accepted as reality.

Why is there such a phenomenon in the minds of people?

Everybody definitely wants to live better lives, enjoy more freedom, or even spend more time with their loved ones. With these goals, why are people hesitant in taking steps towards achieving these goals faster?

Habit is the culprit. People have been told not to, they can’t, or they shouldn’t so many times in their lives, that it began to just stick in their minds.  After years of negativity being drilled in your mind that you can’t, it just becomes a part of their lives. While this is good for maintaining the civility of a person and ensuring that he or she does not do anything dangerous, this is not good at all for empowering him and making him a success.

You see, reality is divided into the real and the assumed. A wall is real; a sign saying do not enter, while real, cannot actually stop you from entering, can it? Your mind does, however. And it stops you from doing so many things by creating simulations for every situation that you encounter – most of them ending in failure.

For instance, meeting a new person. When you see someone you want to meet, you must go through with it. The moment you think of the consequences and possible outcomes, you will be stopped dead in your tracks. The burden of information creates a wall between you and that person, without you even finding out how that person actually feels about you.

Another is seeing a potential business opportunity, but because of your preconceptions that business is hard, or that you need money to succeed in business, you pass it up without even trying. You dismiss these things as completely out of your league, and yet you have no idea that they are actually within your capabilities.
In truth, there is no limit that cannot be broken through. It is the habit of accepting these limits as final that actually stops people from achieving great things.

Try this simple exercise. When you see somebody you would like to meet, approach them immediately with a smile and a simple “Hi there.” Try to meet at least five new people everyday. It’s not important that you build a relationship with them. The point is to meet them.

You know what helps with your confidence when approaching someone new? Smelling amazing. Lucky for you I know exactly what you need! Check out kensifragrance to top off your entire confidence level as you step out of your comfort zone and meet new people!

This will create extreme levels of confidence, guaranteed.

Thinking too much can hold you back from so many opportunities. Don’t let anything stand in your way, even your own thoughts! You’ll be surprised how much happiness can come from out of your comfort zone. Confidence is Key!