High Heel Boots Are Every Woman’s Fetish

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Boots with high heels are a fetish for every woman. Every girl wants to have the best pair of boots in her wardrobe. Confusion arises when you start asking yourself what type of boots will suit you, which material is the best providing you with great comfort and durability etc. The market is full of all different kinds of boots with different sole patterns and colors. It’s crucial to know certain rules when it comes to boots in order to avoid slipping into the wrong pair. Boots should be selected keeping in mind that you have to walk and dance in them. In case you choose the wrong pair of boots they would end up hurting your feet for days.

Arrays of options are available when it comes to high heel boots. The most versatile are the ankle boots that can be worn with formal attire, jeans or pants and make you look stunning at the same time. Ankle boots come in suede, patent, faux leather,  wool and leather combinations. The most unique ankle boots like platforms with sparkles and stilettos with ballet style are definitely ruling the boots market.

Another form is the mid calf style. Wearers of these boots are basically the business women who prefer to wear pants instead of dresses or skirts. They look fabulous with pant suits. Available in several patterns and designs, these boots are an add on to your personality and make you look way more attractive. Whether you are a party girl, a fashionista or a business woman, these boots will always add that little oomph to your walk.

Style of high knee is the queen of high heel boots. These boots look great with any kind of attire. One can wear them on any occasion whether it is a party night with friends or a meeting for business. There are slip-ons, zip ups and the very sexy lace ups are some of the different styles in which knee high boots are available. If you want to make a statement and achieve the most classy look then you can wear a pair of knee high boots along with a short or a mini skirt ending before your knees.

This combination will surely grab people’s attention.
Three basic things which should be kept in mind before buying a pair of boots: the quality of the material, the price, and if it is long lasting comfort. If you don’t have high heel boots, it is the time to grab one!

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Breaking Through Your Limits



Limits. Often unchallenged and accepted as reality.

Why is there such a phenomenon in the minds of people?

Everybody definitely wants to live better lives, enjoy more freedom, or even spend more time with their loved ones. With these goals, why are people hesitant in taking steps towards achieving these goals faster?

Habit is the culprit. People have been told not to, they can’t, or they shouldn’t so many times in their lives, that it began to just stick in their minds.  After years of negativity being drilled in your mind that you can’t, it just becomes a part of their lives. While this is good for maintaining the civility of a person and ensuring that he or she does not do anything dangerous, this is not good at all for empowering him and making him a success.

You see, reality is divided into the real and the assumed. A wall is real; a sign saying do not enter, while real, cannot actually stop you from entering, can it? Your mind does, however. And it stops you from doing so many things by creating simulations for every situation that you encounter – most of them ending in failure.

For instance, meeting a new person. When you see someone you want to meet, you must go through with it. The moment you think of the consequences and possible outcomes, you will be stopped dead in your tracks. The burden of information creates a wall between you and that person, without you even finding out how that person actually feels about you.

Another is seeing a potential business opportunity, but because of your preconceptions that business is hard, or that you need money to succeed in business, you pass it up without even trying. You dismiss these things as completely out of your league, and yet you have no idea that they are actually within your capabilities.
In truth, there is no limit that cannot be broken through. It is the habit of accepting these limits as final that actually stops people from achieving great things.

Try this simple exercise. When you see somebody you would like to meet, approach them immediately with a smile and a simple “Hi there.” Try to meet at least five new people everyday. It’s not important that you build a relationship with them. The point is to meet them.

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This will create extreme levels of confidence, guaranteed.

Thinking too much can hold you back from so many opportunities. Don’t let anything stand in your way, even your own thoughts! You’ll be surprised how much happiness can come from out of your comfort zone. Confidence is Key!


Is Perfume Appropriate for an Interview?

We all want to make the best impression when going to an interview. Most likely the first impression you give off will be based on your appearance. Even if the job you are applying for is a casual one, it’s best to dress professionally in order to make the best first impression. You want to show that you’re serious about this job. When dressing for your interview, think conservative. This doesn’t just involve clothing and make-up, but it also involves the amount and the kind of perfume you wear. Your perfume choice may make a difference in the first impression you make.

Don’t feel like you’re not being yourself if your work clothes are completely different from your street clothes. They should be different. There is a time and a place for everything. After work, feel free to put on your dangly jewelry and high heels and spray yourself with your exotic and sexy perfumes, but at work or at an interview you don’t want to attract this kind of attention. You want to come off as a serious, hardworking, and determined person. Don’t think about how to appear attractive, but instead think more about how to present yourself as a neat and professional person.

Your scent  may make your interview positive or negative. Again, stay conservative. Don’t wear a perfume that is too heavy, strong or sexy. Choose something light, clean and crisp. Even if you do use a very light perfume, don’t overdo it. Just spray a small amount so it is not overwhelming. When in doubt, spray less! Also, don’t spray the perfume directly on you. Spray once or twice away from you and walk into it, letting the perfume fall on you. Lastly, don’t spray yourself with perfume 2 minutes before you walk into the interview. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes so the perfume has time to settle.

Kensie is a great perfume for an interview. It is very clean and pure. It’s very smart and classy, and definitely conservative. When choosing a perfume for an interview, stay away from those cheaper, fruity, synthetic perfumes. If you don’t have something appropriate, it is better not to wear any perfume than to wear too strong perfume.

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Eye Makeup Techniques – Enhancing Your Best Beauty Feature


1697320 (1)Eye makeup techniques depend a lot on the skin tone of the wearer and on their eye color. The eye shape is secondary: how you apply can greatly enhance the shape or size of your eyes or even diminish them if incorrectly done. Here is some advice for showing off your best beauty feature.

Brown eyed women with medium complexions can wear just about any eye shadow color. For daytime, espresso, pale beige and medium brown tones look best. Some extreme shades such as the darkest brown, metallic shades and navy blue are more suited for nighttime. Blue eyed women can wear navy blue, dark brown and cream shades, but those with fair complexions can truly accentuate their features when sticking to the paler shades for daytime. Green eyes and hazel eyes are well suited with browns, greens and taupe while gray eyes can handle a variety of blues, grays and even black.

The eye shape is a factor in how to apply the eyeliner. Wide eyes can be rimmed all around to make them look even bigger while narrow eyes should not be rimmed completely since it will make them look smaller. Instead put the eyeliner and shadow on the outer half of the eyes to make them look bigger and rounder.

Applying eyeliner calls for a steady hand. Pull the eyelid and make a line of dots if you are having trouble drawing a straight line. Fill in the gaps between the dots. Work from the inside towards the outside lid. Putting eyeliner on the bottom lid can make your eyes appear a lot smaller than they are so be cautious when applying to the bottom lid.

When applying eye shadow, you should have a trio or a quad of similar shades from lightest to darkest.

The first step involves putting the lightest color on the brow bone, the area directly below the eyebrow arch. After that, line your eyes with eyeliner so when you are putting on the darker shades, you do not smudge your liner. Then put the medium shade in the eyelid crease, covering the entire crease. The darkest shade now goes on the lowest part of the eyelid from the outside corner.

The second step is applying mascara. This is the easiest step of eye makeup.  Look in the mirror as you apply. Put the mascara on the lash tips. Put it on from the inside top corner of your eyelid and then the outer corner, moving the wand horizontally. For the bottom lashes, hold the mascara brush vertically and very lightly touch the lower lashes. Make sure to just brush over the bottom lashes lightly so they do not clump.

Like eye shadow, choosing the right color of mascara depends on your skin tone and eye color. Eye and hair color are also factors in your decision. If you are a fair skinned blonde or redhead, black may be too harsh for you unless it is nighttime. Go with dark brown mascara instead. Medium complexions are flattered by dark brown or soft black mascara. The darkest eyes can wear the darkest black possible.

However always remember that less is more! You don’t wanna look like you have too much makeup on. Make sure you apply your makeup in a way that it gently compliments your features and does not overpower them!

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The 25 Best Companies For Women

Whether you’re actively looking for a new job, or are simply doing a bit of harmless research into what’s out there — it might be good to know which workplaces are a hit among women.

Including “female-friendly” among your qualifying parameters might seem reductive in a job search. Of course, there are lots of factors to consider when choosing a job — from whether it pays enough to whether it’ll advance your career. However, having a general sense of which businesses and organizations are actively invested in and promoting their female employees (throughout their careers and life changes) might be useful when making these decisions.

Whether you’re actively looking for a new job, or are simply doing a bit of harmless research into what’s out there — it might be good to know which workplaces are a hit among women.

Including “female-friendly” among your qualifying parameters might seem reductive in a job search. Of course, there are lots of factors to consider when choosing a job — from whether it pays enough to whether it’ll advance your career. However, having a general sense of which businesses and organizations are actively invested in and promoting their female employees (throughout their careers and life changes) might be useful when making these decisions.

To that end, job reviewing platform Fairygodboss released its annual ranking of the 25 best companies for women, based on their members’ anonymous surveys and reviews.

Each company received a score on a scale of 0 to 100, based on the answers women gave about job satisfaction, whether women and men are treated equally at this particular workplace, and whether they’d recommend their company to other women.

The 25 companies with the highest scores include juggernauts in media, consulting, energy, and financial services. So, although startups are supposedly all the rage these days, this list could suggest that older, more established companies (perhaps those with seasoned human resources departments), may be better at supporting employees in general — and women in particular.

“If you read the job reviews women have left of these employers, you’ll see that nobody necessarily does a perfect job. However, these companies uniformly have a lot of female employees who give their companies credit for trying,” says Georgene Huang, the CEO and cofounder of Fairygodboss. “Almost all of these employers have made significant and real investments in hiring, retaining and promoting women. They have done so through improving their benefits, programs, and culture.”

In real terms, she explains that means these companies offer paid parental leave, sponsorship, and mentorship programs to advance promising women at the company. On an experiential level, these workplaces tend to be the ones where women are not micromanaged, are paid and promoted fairly, where women see other women being advanced into management roles, and boasts management that truly values work-life balance.

“None of these things are rocket science, but they’re way [beyond] cosmetic, single-policy changes,” Huang adds. “These companies understand that what make a place great for women is not a sexy single perk, but an ongoing effort to really listen and respond to their female employees.”

Here’s who made the cut:

1. Boston Consulting Group

Score: 86.3

2. Dell

Score: 78.7

3. Accenture

Score: 77.3

4. PepsiCo

Score: 76.7

5. General Electric

Score: 75.3

6. SalesforceDeloitte & PwC

Score: 73.7

7. Vanguard Group & Apple

Score: 73.3

8. American Express Company

Score: 72.7

9. Kaiser Permanente

Score: 72.0

10. Thomson Reuters

Score: 70.7

11. Time Inc.

Score: 69.3

12. Cisco Systems

Score: 67.3

13. Microsoft

Score: 65.7

14. Google & Bloomberg

Score: 65.0

15. McKinsey & Company

Score: 64.0

16. KPMG

Score: 63.3

17. EY

Score: 62.3

18. Wells Fargo

Score: 61.3

19. Goldman Sachs

Score: 61.0

20. JP Morgan Chase & Co

Score: 60.7

21. Target Corporation & The Home Depot

Score: 59.7

22. IBM

Score: 59.3

23. Dow Jones

Score: 58.0

24. Liberty Mutual Group

Score: 56.7

25. Intel Corporation

Score: 55.7


Originally posted on Refinery29.

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Should We Bother To Cleanse and Tone Our Skin?

Recently I have been adamantly reminded about the utter importance of using cleanser and toner twice a day for your skincare routine. A friend of mine, who is a beautician, insists that toning, especially, is a must. The reason why is: if we use face wash and water twice a day, the water actually removes a lot of the good oils in our skin, washing it away to leave us with dried out skin. Then, many women usually cover this with moisturizer so we don’t notice the damage it does to us. However, when using cleanser and toner first, you will be removing the dirt that has entered into your pores throughout the course of the day. This avoids stripping your face of its natural oils and instead, removes the dirt from your pores.


After gently massaging the cleanser into your skin, remove it either with a cotton pad or rinse your face with warm water. Next, apply some toner to a cotton pad and gently remove all of the excess cleanser and dirt. After this, apply a thin layer of moisturizer, which will help create the perfect base to then apply your foundation.


By using the toner, it actually creates a protective barrier over the face and defends the pores so that bacteria can’t get in, therefore preventing spots and such. This differs from just using water because with just water, this protective layer is washed and scrubbed away.


It is so important to cleanse and tone in the morning and at night to keep us with beautiful, flawless skin day after day! We will thank ourselves HUGELY in later years!

Cool Tips for Summer

With the on-set of the fun filled summer months it’s also time to refresh our wardrobes with clothes that are more casual, colorful, light and fun to wear. The hot summer sun requires a complete new look and feel. Your summer clothing should be such that it makes you feel lighter, cooler and definitely younger than ever. Lets now check out the latest trends this summer and find out what’s in this season.


Summer Clothing

Fashion is all about clothes! To be more precise, it is about comfortable clothes. Anything that makes you conscious and squirmy is just not the right fashion thing for you. The way you dress, what you wear, and more importantly how you carry yourself in the outfit are the essential factors in any outfit choice. Choosing the right kind of clothes for yourself during the hot months is a little different than any other season. Summers demand you to be comfortable and cool; therefore it is very important that apart from being stylish and trendy you must also stay comfortable in whatever you are wearing.


Experimenting with colors and patterns is something you can easily do during hot days. Starting from short printed skirts, loose string quarter pants teamed with cool cut-sleeve tops or a body hug tee can make you stay cool and yet trendy this summer. Sarongs or long skirts teamed with hip-touching tops are something that will look good, too. For an evening dress this summer, try out open back dresses, or formal pants worn in soft colors with a deeper shade of shirts teamed with a collar scarf.


Summer Accessories

It is a general trend to match accessories according to your attire. Some prefer to go the traditional way and coordinate everything from head to toe; this looks great and gives the perfect conventional look but only if done in the right way as it also has the risk of draining out the entire effort to wane. Similar is the case with those who like to go the other way around. Experimenting with wild and unconventional looks is a big risk in it’s own and has full chances of washing out the whole look. It is very important to wear colors that are suitable for the occasion, season and definitely the time of the day


Summer Makeup

Fashion divas and makeup artists consider the summers to be the worst months for makeup. It is difficult to keep the makeup on during the summers due to excessive heat and sweat, and more over it also tends to react with your skin. On exposure to the harmful rays of the summer sun the skin tends to burn out causing inflammation. Thus, keep your makeup to the bare minimum. Make use of water- resistant products that will not wash out with sweat giving you an ugly smudgy look. More than anything else, what is most important during the summer months is to keep the skin clean, healthy and protected from the heat of the sun. Drink lots of liquids, and eat lots of fruits to keep you cool and rocking during the summers.

Another summer beauty tip to try is to find your perfect summer fragrance! kensie Fragrance is a combination of fun and flirty. The best mix for summer!

Nail Polish Colors – What Do They Say About You?

If you’re stuck in a rut using the same color nail polish color week in week out, you’re certainly missing out on one of the most fun ways to express your own unique personality and style. Beauty experts agree the better branded nail colors have mushroomed since the color explosion of the 1980s, with so many wearable funky shades and styles that you really can have your pick of the season’s latest colors plus the classics. Use this list to guide yourself to the best shade this season of nail polish colors and what they say about the glamorous woman wearing them.

  1. Dark Colors and Black

Since Victoria (and David) Beckham were first spotted wearing black nail polish a couple of years ago, it was rehabilitated overnight from a goth-emo-rock staple into the hottest color to grace celebrity hands on catwalks, red carpets, and all over magazines. The trend is holding, and this season brown is on the catwalks too. There are many different styles of black nail polish that you can wear too. There’s matte black, gel nail polish, or a classic regular nail polish you can choose from. Black gives a smooth, classy look, at the same time of a high degree of definition – the beautiful women rocking these bold colors are strong, confident women.

  1. Metallic

Gold is a summer favorite and certainly adds glamour all year round. Gold is a very warm color, and those who wear it can be seen as successful, outgoing, sociable types, especially at parties. Silver can be a more bold color, and has been another celebrity trend. I mean who wouldn’t want shining sliver nails? Like its wearer, silver nail polish is highly sophisticated and versatile. It demonstrates a quiet inner strength.

  1. Glitter

Glitter is a fun, bold fashion statement for the young at heart but be careful to match it with the right accessories and outfit. Super chunky glitter nail polishes project a vivacious, flamboyant side to you, and will certainly create a lasting impression. If this doesn’t sound like you, do what the celebrities do and use a more subtle pastel glitter with other nail colors, to add a touch of sparkle without the dramatic statement. You also can use glitter as an accessory on your nails by having one finger on each hand painted with the glitter nail polish. People usually tend to do this on their index or ring fingers to make their nails pop.

  1. Greens and Blues

Whether it’s the latest eggshell blue or a darker shade, blue is a perennial fashion statement that looks good on so many women. Psychologically speaking, blue is a calm color, and those who wear it may be seen as calm, grounded types who enjoy a connection to nature. Green is also enjoying a renaissance in cooler, mint shades or darker colors like emerald green, and those who wear it definitely don’t follow the herd. They like to be bold and love the attention they get off of their nails.

  1. Funky Shades

Yellow reflects sunny, happy times and it can be a stunning nail polish if you team them with good accessories. Take time to find a shade that works with your skin tone to avoid looking washed out. Neon yellow, orange, green and pink nail polishes have also graced celebrity fingernails lately. There’s a definite appreciation of quirky, funky colors.

Far from being the uniform you dutifully paint on every few days, nail polish colors are a way to make statement about who you are, and you can have a lot of fun playing with the different nail polish colors to find the one that makes you feel most confident. Just like people, nail colors have distinct personalities, so the next time you’re shopping for a new color, try experimenting with a shade you thought you’d never wear – you might just find it to become your firm new favorite.

After getting your nails freshly done, try our kensie perfume to finish off your look. Having bold nails to go along with your new flirty and fun fragrance is the perfect way to start your week!

Matte Red Lips

Red is the top selling color lipstick worldwide. That certainly says a lot about the color that literally started it all. After all, the first lip stains created back in the times of Cleopatra were made from strawberries and raspberries; in order to give lips a beautiful flushed red color.


Season after season we see that red make its way from one collection to the next. Sometimes it appears in high gloss, others with shimmer. This season we are seeing a whole lot of matte red on the spring runways. Matte red brings out the lips and creates the perfect pout to wear both day and night.


The first step towards achieving this look is to choose the right shade of red. Remember, not all reds are created the same. It is very important when choosing red lipstick to understand which red undertones looks the best on your skin tone. If your skin has a warm olive undertone, go with a red that has orange undertones. If you have fair skin or very dark skin (cool skin tone) choose a red that has blue undertones to it.


Your next step is to decide what type of color you want to use. You can get matte red in lipstick form; stain form and lip-gloss that dies as a stain. This choice is all about preference. While lip stains do tend to last longer, they do not offer the color depth you will get from a lipstick. You want to make sure you feel comfortable with the formula. Matte means there is less moisture in the formula, so you really have to find a source of color that feels comfortable for you.


Once you have your lipstick or lip stain, you now have to prep your lips for application. To achieve the perfect matte lip you need to have a smooth lip base. It is extremely important to exfoliate so that your lips are smooth and avoid flaking. Once you have exfoliated, sleep with lip balm on your lips. The smoother your lips the better, and you certainly do not want to use balm with the matte color, this will add shine.


Now you are ready for application! To avoid bleeding and to create more definition, outline your lips with concealer and blend in very carefully. Start applying your lip color on the top lip, working from the center out. Apply color to the bottom lips, also starting at the center and going to the corners. Gently blot your lips; do NOT rub!


And there you have it! Perfect matte red lips! Beautiful color, beautiful lips.

Pure Natural Soap Products

Spoil yourself! Wrapped in sleek and elegant packaging, sold in distinctive specialty stores, we tend to forget that natural soap-like substances were used as early as in ancient Babylonian times probably using a very similar recipe. It’s now not an unusual concept to consider these types of unscented natural handmade mineral soaps a specialty gift item for skin and hair care or hand and bath aromatherapy. You can buy these, sometimes, handmade organic soaps at a cost only slightly higher than regular mass-manufactured soaps.


You will find any combination of the following on the packaged product label of a true pure natural soap:

essential oils, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, glycerine, cocoa butter, shea butter, herbs, fruits, vegetables, baking soda, pine tar and clay


Read your labels carefully. Be wary of commercial soaps with labels deliberately listing a few natural ingredients added to promote their sale as a “pure” and “green” product.


The best quality soaps are made by a “cold pressed” method and contain only the highest quality ingredients. Although lye, a caustic soda, is always used in the production of all types of soaps, natural soaps are produced in such a way as to minimize its abrasive qualities. Natural soaps contain oil, lye and water. The oil neutralizes the lye as the soap is carefully blended.


With all the caustic and irritant ingredients eliminated, pure soap natural moisturizers nourish the skin the way no synthetic manufactured soap could do and with no unnatural ingredients there will be no allergic skin reactions that some people experience when using commercially manufactured soaps. Obviously, it is very important to remember to read your labels carefully! Learn to look for only the wording “natural” or “herbal”, and allow the label to ensure you the absence of dyes and synthetic chemicals.


Pure and natural soap can be made or purchased with a different variety of ingredients to enhance cleaning of the body, hair or home in liquid or bar form. There are also soaps available especially for children and pets or those with unusual skin conditions and hair types.


The products manufactured are totally pure, natural, and vegan – approved. They are soothing and have great aromas. Don’t forget to treat yo’ self and indulge a little!